MP3View - A console based MP3 playlist viewer

Program description:
MP3View is a Python application to display and play MP3 files from a playl ist, using a Cybiko PDA, or any VT100/TTY terminal. MP3View 2.0 has the capability to play sound cues when the application is started, stopped, or encounters a problem.

MP3View is made available under the GNU General Public License.

Latest release information:
Version 2.1 has been released. 2.1 is an interim release designed to make the application easier to use in a standard 80x24 terminal window. Version 2.1 makes it easy to set arbitrary terminal dimensions by setting playlist_height and playlist_width in the program. Additional error handling when loading playlist files has been added.

In the News:
MP3View was a featured program on 2001-04-23 on Linux Today.
MP3View was a featured program on 2001-04-23 on LinuxProgramming
MP3View was also featured on 2001-04-24 on PythonWare
MP3View was a featured application on the Cyberwork Solution OpenScope site on 2001-04-25.

Using MP3View

The MP3View Interface:

CyMP3 1.0----------------------
| > 01-Bohemian_Rhapsody.mp3
|   02-Another_one_bites_the_~
|   03-Killer_Queen.mp3
|   04-Fat_bottomed_girls.mp3
|   05-Bicycle_race.mp3
|   06-You_re_my_best_friend.~
|   07-Don_t_stop_me_now.mp3
|   08-Save_me.mp3
|   09-Crazy_little_thing_cal~
|   10-Somebody_to_love.mp3
|   11-Now_I_m_here.mp3
0/35 songs vol: 63 -----------
This is a view of MP3View running on a 32 x 13 terminal. MP3View2-console version 2.1 is designed to run on a standard 80x24 TTY or VT100 terminal, using the same interface.

Starting and Stopping MP3View
To start MP3View, run the script with python, and provide the name of the playlist that you wish to use, e.g.

python playlist.txt

To exit, type 'q'. Don't Ctrl-C the application, as doing so will leave the terminal in a state where characters are not echoed back to the terminal. If this happens, type 'reset' (blindly) and hit Enter... this should fix the problem. Hitting 'q' to quit does this for you.

MP3View releases and support files

MP3View-console v2.1
MP3View v2.0
MP3View v1.0
Example playlist (1.0, 2.0 and 2.1 compatible) playlist.txt.
mpg123 page (MP3View's player software)
aumix page (MP3View's volume control)
dreamplay (WAV player for Linux)

Features coming soon

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at Code contributions and feature suggestions are welcomed.
I've found that the 80x24 column version of the program is a great for listening to music when not in X (just run it on a virtual console and enjoy). The next version is going to make it much easier to set the dimensions of the interface, so it can be run on a terminal of any height and column width.

Enjoy... --- Rupert Scammell (, MP3View author.

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