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--- Release notes ---

IRIX Port creator and maintainer: Rupert Scammell 
SAP Public-IRIX port v. 0.1
January 9, 2004

Introduction and System Requirements

Thank you for downloading the SAP Public-IRIX application.
SAP is designed for SGI machines running IRIX 6.5 and higher.

This is due to the fact that SAP requires the Java 2 Execution Environment 
v. 1.4.1 and Java 3D v. 1.3.1 , which will only run on the 6.5 version
of the IRIX operating system and higher.

Up to date versions of Java for IRIX can be found at .

Up to date versions of Java 3D for IRIX can be found at

NOTE: The Java software included with this version of Maestro does not
include the early access 64-bit HotSpot Virtual Machine, due to licensing constraints.
Maestro is extremely resource intensive, and the use of this VM may substantially improve the performance of this application (possibly to the detriment of stability). Then again, it may not. 

The Java[tm] 2, v. 1.4.1. 64-bit HotSpot[tm] Virtual Machine, EA release 
is available from SGI at at time of writing. 

NOTE: The JRE distributed with this version of Maestro has been modified for use
with the application. Specifically, additional JAR files have been added into
the jre/lib/ext directory. If you decide to use an existing Java installation on your system for running Maestro, these files are required to be in your classpath for successful

PERFORMANCE NOTE: If you have a lot of RAM, but a slow processor, you may see a performance increase by setting -Dj3d.optimizeForSize=false at runtime.

Credits and Support information

The latest version of the Maestro software and data sets is available at .

Known bugs
1. Errors about being unable to find mediaLib accelerator wrapper classes when viewing images. Investigating. This is a mediaLib JNI problem, and the error is only seen when trying to load images in the ImageView mode.


This port of the Maestro software to the SGI IRIX operating system has been created, and is maintained by Rupert Scammell  . Please email questions, comments, and bug reports to this address.

Original software by JPL/Caltech ,