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Power Map can probably be best described as 'Google Maps for geeks'. The recently released Google Maps API provides access to a large number of mapping features and metadata, but the standard Google Maps site provides only a bare bones interface with minimal functionality. The goal of the Power Map project is to rectify this, and provide a web based interface to as much of the underlying Google Maps API as possible, as well as adding other neat features, such as distance measurement and movement tracking.

The interface attempts to provide as many features as possible on the same page, which, unfortunately, necessitates fairly terse descriptions of commands. Please see the help page for comprehensive descriptions of what everything does.

Power Map is very much a work in progress, and suggestions for new features, layout changes, constructive criticism, patches and so on would be much appreciated, and should be sent to me at rupe@sbcglobal.net

Thanks for reading!

--- Rupert

Rupert Scammell